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How Long Does it Take to Form a New Service Contract Company

How Long Does it Take to Form a New Service Contract Company

It is easier than you might think to form your own Service Contract Company. The basic elements are well defined and many great resources are available to help you with detailed items.

The best method is to engage with an advisor with experience and connections in the industry to help guide you through the many decision points, engage the right partners for regulatory or legal and help source the right insurance carrier to support your requirements.

You can have a solution up and running in as few as two months or up to 9 months, depending on the roles you in-source versus outsource. A good advisor will help explain the various options and who the best companies are to support a new company.

Many companies simply want to take control of the customer experience and maximize the profit by sharing in the underwriting profits in addition to the upfront commissions. This approach is very easy to set up and the lest time consuming.

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