Warranty Resources is a comprehensive resource for Manufacturers (OEM's), Service Contract Providers, Service Contract Obligors and Service Contract Administrators.

Read articles from the Warranty Resources related to forming, operating and structuring a new warranty company.
Articles include:
  • How do Carriers Build Service Contract Prices and Rates
  • Retailers and Manufacturers - Take Control of Your Customer Experience
  • What is a Service Contract Obligor
  • What is a Limited Warranty
  • What is a Service Contract Administrator License
  • Process Flow for Service Contract Elements
  • What are the Basic Elements of a Service Contract Program
  • Top Considerations when Forming a Service Contract Provider
  • Who is the Best Company to take care of your Auto Customers
  • What is Product Warranty Insurance
  • Example State Regulatory Statutes for Service Contracts - Florida, Illinois
  • How Long Does it Take to Form a New Service Contract Company
  • Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Service Contract Providers FAQ
  • New York Service Contract Provider Registration Instructions

By entering selected pieces of information, you can develop a rate using a model similar to how carriers and providers develop rates.

A video providing a brief overview of how to use a Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance Policy "SCRIP" (aka Contractual Liability Insurance Policy "CLIP" for a Service Contract Provider or Obligor.

What are the Basic Elements of a Service Contract Program?

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